Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Workflow - WFLOAD - through UNIX

The following process helps in UPLOADING the Workflow , without connecting to database and saving into database (which takes too much of time)


find . -name ap*.wft (general idea is : AP it surely starts with ap...then u wil get list of WFT's
1. We can downlaod all thru FTP and we can see what exactly matches ours.
2. Else the naming concvention also gives us most of idea).
(We can FIND the .WFT file path)

Navigate to that directory

example : cd /d07/applwk/appswkappl/ap/11.5.0/patch/115/import/US

example : WFLOAD username/password 0 Y UPLOAD apwxwkfl.wft

there are other options too

example : WFLOAD username/password Y UPLOAD apwxwkfl.wft
example : WFLOAD username/password 100 Y UPLOAD apwxwkfl.wft

0, 20 and 100 are the various Access levels we have in workflow. To know more about the access levels we need to go to the WorkFlow builder Help..

more info : in that UPLOAD /FORCE and DEFAULT is ther ...

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