Tuesday, August 5, 2008

References and Related Articles for HRMS Address Setup

Note: 145837.1
Title: Latest HRMS (HR Global) Legislative Data Patch Available

Note: 140511.1
Title: How to Install Legislative Data Using Data Installer and hrglobal.drv

Note: 231773.1
Title: North American Addresses in Human Resources

Note: 133430.1
Title: How to Setup the US Address Form (R11i PERACADR) Within the Application

Note: 235130.1
Title: How to setup the Generic Address Form (R11i PERWSADR) Within the Application

Note: 276596.1
Title: How to change the Taskflow Setup to Use the US Generic Address Form (R11i PERWSADR)

Note: 142376.1
Title: How to Change the Taskflow Setup to Use the US Address Form (R11i PERACADR)

NOTE: 400220.1
Title: How Do I Create a New City/ JIT / Geocode Combination?

NOTE: 394805.1
Title: When Attempting to Enter Employee Address Receive Error FRM-40212: Invalid value for field TOWN_OR_CITY

NOTE: 375293.1
Title: Address Combination for City, Postal Code, Province missing for Canadian Address

Note: 244589.1
Title: How to Add A New US City Name Or A New Zip Code not Delivered in Oracle HRMS

Note: 134791.1
Title: How To Turn Off Address Validation on the Address Form

NOTE: 329442.1
Title: table HR_LOCATIONS_ALL column DERIVED_LOCALE doesn't display REGION_2 (State)

NOTE: 460046.1
Title: APP-PER-51882: The Person's address must have a county for them to be entered on a payroll

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