Monday, August 25, 2008

Glasses icon in AR Transaction Form

User asked:
In the Transaction window of AR inquiry responsibility,the button(glasses icon)which is next to the transaction number is not giving output after completing the transaction.

Can anyone give idea about profile option setting for getting the functionality of icon which is next to transaction number of AR inquiry transaction window

We replied:
The Grant box is unchecked for function 'Bill Management: Real Preview ' which is been attached to the AR_NAVIGATE_GUI menu.

Inorder to resolve this issue we need to check grant check box for function 'Bill Management: Real Preview ' which is attached to the AR_NAVIGATE_GUI menu and then recompile the menu.

We need to make sure that AR_NAVIGATE_GUI menu is attached to the Receivables responsibility and OIR: Bill Presentment Architecture Enabled profile option is set to Yes in Sysadmin at the Site level and Responsibility level.

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