Saturday, August 22, 2009

How to change the Address Style from US to Generic Addess Style in Oracle HRMS

Select any HRMS or Super HRMS Manager Responsibility (Example: US Super HRMS Manager)

1. Open the 'Define Taskflow' form. ( Security -> Task Flow Definitions )
2. Query the Taskflow that is used by the Person form function (For Example: 'US HR PERSON TASKFLOW').
3. Go to 'Node section – Name field' and delete the 'USADDRESS' node (This node is used by the US Address Style) and then add a new node 'ADDRESS' (This node is used by the international Address Style) with the same sequence number as the 'USADDRESS' node.

Save and Exit the “Define Taskflow” form.

Logout the current applications and re-login to check that the new Address form with international address style is launched instead of old US Address Style form when “Address” button is selected in People Window.

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