Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sql Query to find Unbaselined Fundings

SELECT ppf.project_number, ppf.project_name,
pps.project_system_status_code project_status, ppf.task_number,
ppf.task_name, paa.agreement_num, paa.agreement_type,
paa.amount agreement_amount, ppf.allocated_amount funding_amount,
ppf.date_allocated, ppf.funding_category,
ppf.budget_type_code baseline_status, ppf.last_update_date,
fu.user_name last_updated_by
FROM pa_agreements_all paa,
pa_project_fundings_v ppf,
fnd_user fu,
pa_projects_all ppa,
pa_project_statuses pps
WHERE paa.agreement_id = ppf.agreement_id
AND ppa.project_status_code = pps.project_status_code
AND ppa.project_id = ppf.project_id
AND fu.user_id = ppf.last_updated_by
AND ppf.budget_type_code <> 'BASELINE'
ORDER BY paa.agreement_id;

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