Thursday, September 10, 2009

API to Purge an person from Oracle HRMS

l_person_org_manager_warning VARCHAR2 (200);
(p_validate => FALSE,
p_effective_date => SYSDATE,
p_person_id => :person_id,
p_perform_predel_validation => FALSE,
p_person_org_manager_warning => l_person_org_manager_warning

Before purging the person from Oracle HRMS we need to make sure that the employee and fnd_user link is been deleted and also the person should not have an active payroll.

If the employee has an active payroll then we cannot purge the record. The alternative way is to either end date the employee using the termination screen or you need to change the person from 'Employee' to 'Applicant' and then use the above API again to purge the record.

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