Sunday, April 19, 2009

Workflow Error

Error Name: WFNTF_ROLE
Error Message 3205: 'FND_RESP...' is not a valid role or user name.

Resolution: The reason for the error is due to the users not been assigned to the responsibility. The workflow notification was looking for all the users that are been assigned to the responsibility, but as there were no users been assigned the workflow was going in error status.

The query to find the roles that are been assigned to the users or not is as follows:
FROM wf_user_roles
WHERE UPPER (role_name) LIKE 'FND_RESP...'

SELECT c.user_name, c.start_date, c.end_date, b.responsibility_name
FROM fnd_user_resp_groups_all a,
fnd_responsibility_tl b,
fnd_user c,
fnd_application d
WHERE a.user_id = c.user_id
AND a.responsibility_id = b.responsibility_id
AND b.application_id = d.application_id
AND b.responsibility_id = :responsibility_id

For more information on 'Workflow Directory Service Views' please visit:
Oracle Workflow Administrator's -> Workflow Directory Service Views

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