Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Query to retrieve active Alert information

SELECT aa.alert_name, aa.start_date_active, al.meaning "FREQUENCY_TYPE",
DECODE (frequency_type,
'B', days_between_checks,
'W', weekly_check_day,
'M', monthly_check_day_num,
'C', days_between_checks,
) "Days",
aav.to_recipients, aav.cc_recipients, aav.bcc_recipients, aav.subject,
FROM alr_actions_v aav, alr_alerts aa, alr_lookups al
WHERE 1 = 1
-- AND UPPER (aa.alert_name) LIKE UPPER ('%HR%')
AND aav.alert_id = aa.alert_id
AND aa.enabled_flag = 'Y'
AND aa.frequency_type = al.lookup_code
AND al.lookup_type = 'ALERT_FREQUENCY_TYPE'

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