Monday, April 20, 2009

Oracle Expense Report (Approval Limits)

Expense reports will fail is the manager does not have approval authority for a particular cost center, or an appropriate approval level for the cost center of the employee submitting the expense report. The query to show the employee approval limits are as follows:

SELECT b.full_name, a.cost_center, a.org_id, c.NAME org_name, a.signing_limit
FROM ap_web_signing_limits_all a,
per_all_people_f b,
hr_organization_units c
WHERE a.employee_id = b.person_id
AND a.org_id = c.organization_id
AND b.effective_start_date = (SELECT MAX (effective_start_date)
FROM apps.per_all_people_f
WHERE person_id = b.person_id)
AND a.document_type = 'APEXP'

The navigation to check/update the approval limits for an expense report of an employee is as follows:

Payables Manager -> Employees -> Signing Limits

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