Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ORA-29280: invalid directory path

ORA-29280: invalid directory path

Before moving furthur in this post, please check if the directory has full permissions (Read, Write, Execute) or not. The error will also occour when there are no permissions to the directory. Once you set full permissions to the directory, try to run the program and if it still errors with the 'invalid directory path' error then please proceed furthur below for some more solutions....

Cause: A corresponding directory object does not exist.
Action: Correct the directory object parameter, or create a corresponding directory object with the CREATE DIRECTORY command.

We can derieve the directory object parameter from the following sql query:


FROM v$parameter
WHERE NAME = 'utl_file_dir';


We can also use the CREATE DIRECTORY feature instead of UTL_FILE_DIR for directory access verification.

Up to 8i, Oracle refused to access a file that is not pointed to in the utl_file_dir parameter in the init.ora file. In Oracle 9i, in order to access a file, either the utl_file_dir parameter must be set, or one has to create a directory.

Steps to create a example directory entry:

sql> Connect apps/apps
sql> create directory CESDIR_COMMON as '/home/common';
sql> grant read on directory CESDIR_COMMON to public;

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