Monday, December 8, 2008

DateTrack History view

The name of the default DateTrack History view is the same as that of the base table, except that the suffix _F is replaced by _D. For example, if the base table is PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F, the application looks for a view called PER_ALL_PEOPLE_D.

Note: It is possible to define more than one History view for each datetracked table, so there might be examples where the History view name does not follow this naming convention.

When a view exists, the application reads the information about the entity name and column prompts from the DateTrack tables:

If the column information is not available in the DT_COLUMN_PROMPTS_TL table, the information is obtained from the view definition. The DateTrack History code modifies the column names of the table or view before presenting them. Underscores are replaced by spaces and the first letter of each word appears in upper case.

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