Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How to Compile and port a Form (fmb) in Oracle

1. Port the attached form to unix directory to any top using FTP (Preferable we port the form to the AU_TOP)

NOTE: Copy .fmb files (form files) in Binary mode.

2. Connect to the telnet and change the directory to the top where we have ported the fmd.

Run the following commands in the above directory in Telnet:

b) f60gen module=formname.fmb userid=apps/apps output_file=formname.fmx module_type=form batch=no compile_all=special
f60gen module=XXTRRBT.fmb userid=apps/apps output_file=XXTRRBT.fmx module_type=form batch=no compile_all=special

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