Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Profile Options in HRMS

Profile Options provide flexibility to Oracle Apps, they act like global variables .It eliminates the need to hard code the logic.

What is profile option?
The profile option acts like a Global Variable in Oracle.

Why does Oracle provide profile options?
These are provided to keep the application flexible. The business rules in various countries and various companies can be different. Hence the profile options are delivered by Oracle in such a manner to avoid hard-coding of logic, and to let the implementation team at site decide the values of those variables.

An organization have two departments say D1 and D2.We want the Manager of D1 to restrict viewing employees of D2 and vice versa. Then we will set the profile options MO:Department name or the organization name against the profile option.

Some of the scenarios where profile options can be used by Oracle are as follows:
1. There are profile options which can turn the debugging on, to generate debug messages. Say one of 1000 users reports a problem, and hence you wish to enable debugging against just that specific user. In this case you can “Turn On” the debugging profile option "again that specific user".
2. There are profile options that control which user can give discount to their customers at the time of data entry. You can set profile option "Discount Allowed" to a value of either Yes or No against each Order Entry user.
3. Lets assume an Organization has department D1 and D2. Managers of both the Departments have "HRMS Employee View" responsibility. But you do not want Manager of D2 to be able to see the list of Employees in Organization D1. Hence you can set a profile option against the username of each of these users. The value assigned to such profile option will be "Name of the Organization" for which they can see the employees. Of course, the SQL in screen that displays list of employees will filter off the data based on “logged in users profile option value”.

Profile options determines the behaviour of our application in oracle hrms. There are many profile values in Oracle HRMS, But basically we need to set 4 profile values only.

1. HR:Security Profile
2. HR:User Type as Only HR/HR with Payroll
3. HR:Cross Business Group as yes/no, if yes.. then user can access data from other Business group too.
4. MO:Operating Unit, if Multi Org is set up for a BG then
this is mandatory to setup ow optional.

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