Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How to find the Quantity on hand.

This article is how to find the Quantity on hand.

The quantities considered in calculating the
Available quantities are
On hand Quantity --> quantity from mtl_onhand_quantities_details
Allocated Quantity --> mtl_material_transactions_temp
Reserved Quantity --> mtl_reservations

But these table reflects the total of quantity available in the sub inventory without
considering the provision for reserve or allocated quantity.

For Example - Total on hand quantity: 100,
Allocated quantity : 10
and reserved quantity: 20.
let suppose out of 20 reserved quantity, 5 is reserved against the demand source for
which we are performing the transaction right now.
Then the available quantity while transacting the above source is 100-10-20+5 =75.

But in the above tables we will get it as 100 only as not a single unit is went of of the sub inventory.

The relevant form in application is INVMATWB.fmb.
Inventory > On Hand Availability>On-hand quantity --- query the item.

The API, that calculates the available quantities is

Author: P Anand Rao

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